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Frequency Trales induced Meditation audio therapy
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Low Frequency Induced Music Therapy By Frequency Travels

Frequency Travels Unwrapped: Explore the Magic Within:

FrequencyTravels Introduction

Markus Binapfl

Founder and inventor of "Frequency Travels"


Markus Binapfl founder of Frequency Travels


Claimed to induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, binaural beats work as a booster for reducing anxiety, help focus, increase relaxation and work as a sleep booster


The Bass straps will be worn like a belt to induce the frequencies between 0-250Hz right into your body. For curious novices and meditations pros alike, pursuing the ‘flow state’ through certain activities, our sound therapy sessions will take them to a beyond compare sound healing journey. No Meditation experience needed!


The produced music is exclusively tailored and streamlined into perfection for the Frequency Travels music therapy.

Each session will be deejayed by Markus

Meditation Audio therapy

The Sessions:


Each traveller will be provided with a bass strap for the low frequency induction  and a very light comfortable headphone for the music 40Hz to 20KHz
Markus will be playing a set of music and frequencies depending on the vibe of each session and its participants.
The traveller is encouraged to write down thoughts or ideas that might arise during the travels.
Up to three travellers can take part in each session. 

You will emerge as a different person and for long lasting effects it is advised to repeat the Frequency Travels at your convenience,

The technology meets electronic music meets meditation. This will take you on an immersive journey into other states of consciousness. Don’t hesitate, take a ride!”


Having made a frequency travel helped me to put, at one time, body, mind and I believe that spirit in the same place of harmony. When I finished the trip my body was totally relaxed and my mind silent. It was powerful! At that moment it all made sense.


The easiest thing I have ever done to quiet my mind and body.„such a unique experience…l‘m coming back to this again and again.

- Sarah

   “To find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Nikola Tesla

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