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Markus Binapfl

My name is Markus Binapfl, award winning music producer, also known for my electronic producer and DJ brand Kaiser Souzai. In the 80's I studied drums in Los Angeles at the "Musicians Insitute" (PIT) and then played in many bands in the U.S. and Germany before I switched to producing. As a Dj I traveled and still travel and bring my music into clubs and festivals.

I learned which frequencies work on the dance floor and started to deal with healing frequencies in general. In order to face blockages in my own life as well, I also dealt with the teachings of various philosophies, especially the millennia-old Western stoicism and the still relatively new cognitive behavioural therapy.

One thought unites all thinking schools, the process must take place in the here and now. Music and frequencies can be a wonderful trigger for this journey into the now, so I started experimenting, testing and trying out on volunteers. The music cycle now offered is the result I am now giving to you in my Frequency Travels - Journeys Inside.

I wish you a good flight.

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