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Frequency Travels Meditation Audio

All my Frequency Travels music meditations are designed to achieve a harmonious balance of all the main chakras in the body, promoting overall well-being. It incorporates various frequencies that target specific chakras to facilitate healing and positive transformation. More details are attached to each track or mix.

This is the same music and mixes I use in classes and  One-on-one sessions with the bass strap.


So I made the music available for your own private meditations at home for a small contribution. If there is someone out there for whom this contribution is too high priced, send me an email, and I will make the music available to you, free of charge.

Use the single songs for quick replenishment and target specific chakras, use the long mixes for extended sessions for the best results.

How to use frequency travels special meditation audio? 

The note symbol to the right of the track will take you to the info page. 

Use headphones to make the incorporated Binaural Beats work.

I will be constantly adding new music and mixes, so stay tuned and feel free to check in frequently.

Simple follow the music, stay with the music. If sudden (great) ideas arise or thoughts come up, be free to write them down or record. Then let them go for the duration of the meditation. The music might  trigger thoughts and ideas and that is a good thing. Healing and learning about yourself is an important part of the meditations.

Enjoy your inward travel, Markus

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