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Healing Music Therapy at your home or on site?

In addition to providing healing music therapy services in yoga and healing retreats worldwide, I offer sessions at my home/apartments or can make home visits to clients. Each session can accommodate 1-3 clients, depending on the situation. Pricing for my services is determined by factors such as travel costs (if applicable), group size, and time investment. To provide you with a qualified quote and ensure a fair price, please contact me at

Healing Music Therapy at your office?

Re-vitalisation Sessions for Stress Elimination in your office
I am offering short 10-20 minute re-vitalisation sessions for stress elimination in your office, designed to benefit both you and your workforce allowing you to take a micro vacation and effectively eliminate the stress of your working day.
Further benefits include fear and anxiety elimination, decision-making support, focus and concentration aid, energizing, balancing & energizing energy centers (chakras).

I will bring and set up all the necessary equipment, bass straps for the low frequency induction, music, laptop and headphones. I can do sessions for up to three clientsat a time, all I need from you is quiet room, three comfy chairs or yoga matts to lay down.
Very simple.

To provide you with a quote, I will need the following information: - Location: Where are you located? - Number of Clients: How many clients are we looking at? - Time Frame: Please provide an approximate time frame in hours or days. Based on info, we can do full day package or weekly deals as well. Let's discuss so that I can offer you a tailored quote for our stress elimination sessions.

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